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5 Takeaways from IAC Milan 2022

The 5th Intelligent Automation Congress Milan 2022 on October 12-15 brought together a number of professionals, key influencers, and automation enthusiasts interested in learning more about intelligent automation and the future of work as we know it.

Across two full days, the event hosted a series of engaging workshops, keynotes, and panel discussions with industry thought leaders, each with unique perspectives and expertise. Our team were thrilled to be invited as speakers during the first day workshop and as exhibitors on the second day.

It was great opportunity to join together to recognize and celebrate the vast potential of automation. We were grateful to meet face to face with CEOs and IT leaders at our booth and discuss how Atomatik can help their businesses overcome current automation challenges.

The Atomatik team at IAC Milan 2022

In this post, we want to share our takeaways from the many valuable insights that were shared across the two days. Here are our top 5 takeaways from the event:

The hybrid workforce is the new way of operating

It’s clear. There’s a major shift happening in the way companies are now operating. Businesses looking to accelerate digital transformation are realizing the value of a hybrid workforce.

A hybrid workforce can be defined as a team of people working in tandem with their own digital assistant. In other words, when businesses use intelligent automation to empower people with their very own #DigitalTwin.

A common misconception of digital workers or digital twins is the fear of redundancy. The idea that digital workers will replace real people. We'll bust this myth in an upcoming post. For now, it's important for employees to understand that intelligent automation with digital assistants aims at making business processes easier for people. It doesn’t aim to replace them.

A hybrid workforce allows teams to delegate all repetitive and time-consuming tasks which take hours or even days to complete. The benefits are numerous, some more obvious than others. From increased business efficiency, to enabling people to tap into more creative, thought-provoking work. The hybrid workforce is seeing rapid adoption across all industries and our bet is that it’s here to stay.

Education is needed on all levels

For intelligent automation to work at scale, it’s imperative to have leaders and teams educated at every level of the business. For some leaders, automation has become a vital part of business operations. However, for others, it’s still a new technology that needs to be understood before it can be trusted.

More education is needed to ensure that leaders have a clear vision and can create strategies that can maximize the potential of automation for their organizations. On a team level, understanding concepts like the #HybridWorkforce and gaining a clear overview of potential use cases is equally important. If you’re a leader or process owner looking for more information on this, reach out to our team today.

Talent & skills matter now more than ever

With the global workforce understaffed in many industries, companies are experiencing difficulties when looking for new talent and those who are digital natives ready to adopt digital transformation.

One of the ways to overcome these challenges is to invest in people development and upskilling employees with easy to learn automation tools that have a massive impact on quality of work and speed of delivery. Atomatik’s easy to use platform has a short learning curve and can empower teams from a wide range of industries to adapt to new ways of working and digital transformation.

People want to work smarter, not harder

It is universally recognized that the paradigm needs to change. A better work-life balance is being demanded. Both experienced professionals and new generations are prioritizing a healthier balance between work and personal time with a clear focus on overall well-being.

The hybrid workforce concept carries huge potential here. By eliminating the need for long hours spend on manual, repetitive tasks, organizations can enable teams with a digital workforce to replication those exhausting tasks. Leaving people to work smarter, not harder, and as a result, increase overall satisfaction at work.

Businesses don’t need solutions, they need partners

Gone are the days when companies simply purchased an automation solution and were left to fend for themselves. Digital transformation in general can be a daunting experience for many companies. We understand that automation can seem challenging — especially without the right kind of support.

Businesses of today are no longer shopping for a product, but rather are looking to establish partnerships with trusted providers that can guide them across every stage of their automation journeys. It’s clear that more support is needed from early stages of process discovery & task mining to on-going maintenance and beyond.

At Atomatik, we understand the importance of a committed automation partner. That’s why our team is dedicated to supporting our customers from the early stages of process discovery through to maintenance.

If you want to learn more about how Atomatik and our team can help your organization, feel free to reach out to our team for more information.

What was your biggest takeaway from IAC Milan 2022? Join the conversation on LinkedIn.


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