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Atomatik for Sales & Marketing

Reinvent Sales and Marketing Efficiency with Atomatik

Atomatik enables you to increase revenue, streamline operations, and grow your market share. 

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Empower your sales and marketing teams to automate on their own


of sales-related activities can be automated on average




increase in sales activities that generate revenue



customer/opportunity response time


increase in employee satisfaction

Key Benefits

Digital workers accelerate operational efficiencies and reduce repetitive, error-prone tasks, at speed


Improve pipeline performance

Atomatik helps you ensure leads are qualified and nurtured correctly & consistently to increase conversions.

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Increase customer engagement

Integrate multi-source data for greater marketing campaigns accuracy and more tailored sales interactions.

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Shorten sales cycles

Accelerate lead assignment to close process by automating everything from customer research, quote creation, to legal paperwork.

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Increase productivity in sales

Automate administrative tasks and empower Sales reps with more time to sell & foster customer relationships.

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Align customer data across systems

Use Atomatik to easily integrate all customer and third-party data across multiple systems.

Expedite sales and marketing reporting

Atomatik helps aggregate data from multiple sources into a single view for greater insight.

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Process examples

Spend more time handling complex tasks

Data Management

Automate the process of putting together lists of contacts, identifying missing contact information and updates in the CRM system.

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No more hours of repetitive work


Aggregate data from all sources that contain information on team members’ activity. Input the information into the CRM, where the individual bonuses are automatically calculated.

Transform your employee experience

Contract and Document Management

Prepare sets of documents based on the existing CRM contacts, following the necessary steps along the way. 

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Optimize and achieve greater competitive advantage

Competitive pricing monitoring

Browse competitor websites and collect daily data. Notify all stakeholders whenever there is a significant change in the competitors' pricing.  

A new way of automation to transform sales & marketing with our no-code workflow solution

Give your people the tools and resources they need to get a better time to deal.

Attracting new customers is often based on the intersection of marketing & sales. While marketing has gone far ahead with automation, sales productivity still relies heavily on human input. So, there are plenty of sub-functions in sales that can be successfully automated. 


Despite the technological advances, most sales teams face situations where they spend plenty of time on data entry & management, aligning customer data, updating CRMs, and even making corrections to order-related human errors.  

Atomatik carries out these tedious tasks in a heartbeat and provides your team with time to spend on more valuable tasks such as communication with customers and prospects. Our solution brings much more revenue to each of your team members and to the whole business at large. 

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An automation partner for your journey

Our team of dedicated automation experts is here to help you all the way.


From identifying processes to ongoing maintenance and support, the automation of your sales & marketing function is in good hands.


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