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Atomatik for Finance & Accounting

Fast track your digital transformation with finance & accounting automation

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A new way of automation to transform finance & accounting with end-to-end workflow orchestration


cost reduction in finance tasks


more performance than humans


greater transaction processing capacity


of the cost of 1x full-time employee


reduction in error prone tasks

Digital workers accelerate operational efficiencies & reduce repetitive, error-prone tasks at speed


Deliver transformative business value

Save the time and expertise of your qualified and certified professionals on tedious work. Drive down costs and improve employee experiences by automating the day-to-day 


Manage regulatory compliance

Driven by the need to limit regulatory fines and reputational damage, embrace a new collaborative approach internally and manage compliance more effectively


Reimagine the customer experience

Build personalized, seamless, and digital customer journeys quickly to stay relevant and competitive


Due diligence checking

Enable due diligence teams to focus on higher value tasks such as risk assessment and review by automating the process of searching data sets, retrieving results, and compiling reports


Compliance monitoring & reporting

Avoid human error by automatically generating regulatory compliance reports through the extraction and configuration of data across platforms


Ensure financial sustainability

Prioritize projects that drive a fast return on investment in areas such as banking operations, remote working, and customer experience

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Process examples

Retain customers with seamless access to data

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Leverage Intelligent Automation and achieve superior customer experience by automating the account opening process and the entire KYC process.


Get instant access to customer data by automating your KYC/AML analysis, with ongoing transaction monitoring, and track regulatory changes.

Modern Work Space
Client and contractor

Save time & money by streamlining invoice processing

Accounts Payable

Digitize information from unstructured sources such as invoices and extracts it to a centralized space where it can be merged and reconciled with other process information.

Optimize your financial reporting

Monthly Management & Authority Reports

Remove the inconsistencies of human performance and consistently deliver accurate results, ensuring you can compile data to analyze financial reporting faster and more reliably.

Financial Report
Financial Advisor

Remove risk of regulatory fines for non-compliance

Preventing Manual Error

Decreasing the risk of regulatory fines for non-compliance, preventing potentially costly errors, and avoiding financial penalties for late or incomplete payments, whilst invoice processing is accelerated.

Atomatik delivers operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and better customer experiences

Give your people the tools and resources they need to respond effectively to consumer needs.


With a digital workforce powered by new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, your employees are liberated to do what humans do best.


Empower your team to make a real difference, forging strong relationships with customers, analyzing data to gain competitive advantage, and making great ideas a reality..

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Automate complex & data-intensive processes end to end


Reduce cost

Improve productivity and reduce labour expenses by automating manual and data-intensive processes


Improve customer service

Get real-time access to customer information, accelerate customer request resolution, and identify additional product/service needs


Rapid ROI

Deploy business process automation within 3 months and realize immediate return on investment


Streamline operations & reduce risk

Simplify and automate manual processes, eliminate processing errors, and reduce operational risk


Strengthen compliance

Seamlessly access customer data to improve KYC/AML analysis, automate ongoing transaction monitoring, and track regulatory changes


Increase resource capacity

Deploy digital workers to augment employees and provide additional capacity to manage peak processing volumes


An automation partner for your journey

Our team of dedicated automation experts is here to help you all the way.


From identifying processes to ongoing maintenance and support, the automation of your finance & accounting processes is in good hands.


Transform your finance & accounting processes with Atomatik

We'll help you get started →

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