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Atomatik for Human Resources

Automate HR processes & save hours of repetitive, manual work

Job interview

Transform the way you work with HR automation



time saved


faster employee onboarding


costs saved

across processes


reduction in manual errors


increase in productivity

Automating your HR processes leads to
empowering your team through automation


Keep teams motivated to make a difference, rather than concentrating on labor-intensive tasks.


Manage compliance with automated checks and regulatory submissions and updates.


Streamline HR day-to-day operations from enrolling, reporting, and updating employee contracts and documentation.

Make it easier to update benefit statuses and provide decision support in developing competitive compensation models.


Remove repetitive, manual tasks to allow HR to focus on more strategic work, employee experience and valuable interaction between employees.

Remove the irritations from the payroll process with automated changes to your payroll systems.

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Process examples

Say goodbye to hours of repetitive work

Candidate Screening & Shortlisting

Collect data from multiple candidates & upload into applicant tracking systems or other systems. Notify recruiters of any relevant candidates to review.

Modern Office
Business Meeting

Say hello to effortless

On-boarding new hires

Help new employees to get on board faster by delegating data collection & document signing. Similarly, automate the employee off-boarding cycle.

Transform your employee experience

Data Administration

Easily automate employee compensation, benefits allocated, management of various awards, and their appropriate report development.

Business Meeting
Senior Businesswoman

Spend more time on complex tasks

Compliance and reporting

Map employee performance, managing various compliances, time and attendance submissions, and development of reports can all be seamlessly and efficiently managed.

Digital workers are here to help

RPA can help create end-to-end automated processes by bridging the gap between different systems used in HR.


It is more important than ever for organizations to look towards RPA to help them achieve operational agility and enhance employee experience.


RPA for HR is a critical step that enables your team to achieve greater productivity with existing resources, strengthen processes and deliver a digital transformation journey, allowing human teams to focus on the work that matters most.

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Using BambooHR?

Learn about our pre-built digital worker for on-boarding


+ Atomatik

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pre-built digital worker


An automation partner for your journey

Our team of dedicated automation experts is here to help you all the way.


From identifying processes to ongoing maintenance and support, the automation of your human resources is in good hands.


Learn more about HR automation with Atomatik

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