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Atomatik for Telecommunications

Driving innovation with automation for telecom providers  

Streamline industry operations and improve margins with automation.


Automation benefits the Telecom industry


of industry leaders claim automation is a critical driver for transformation


reduction in human-agent interaction time


of tech & telecom leaders cite automation as a priority for their business

Atomatik helps Telecom companies transform

More uptime, stronger connections, smarter solutions.


Enhance customer satisfaction

Ensure financial sustainability

Increase employee


Atomatik digital workers identify unhappy customers and provide hyper care

Reduce operating costs, increase profits, and secure long term financial viability

Leverage a digital workforce to uplift your staff and help with everyday repetitive tasks


Improve back-office accuracy

Automate routine data entry for error-free information to make strategic and agile decisions

How do we do it?

Telecommunication companies need ways to converge systems, organize data, and personalize the user experience, all without disruption or cost to the business. RPA enables telecom companies to leverage a digital workforce to connect disparate data and systems, freeing teams for customer-facing opportunities while keeping operational costs down.

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Key Benefits

Discover the benefits of intelligent automation for telecom operations


Reduce errors in back-office tasks

Automate routine data entry for error-free information to make strategic and agile decisions.


Connect disparate systems

Automate data sharing between network and service with Atomatik to transfer data seamlessly and error-free.


Maintain compliance

Ensure constant access to compliance information by automating the continuous collection of system data needed to support industry regulations.


Increase operational performance

Automating network management enables telecom leaders to take organizations from reactive to proactive.


Upgrade contact center experiences

Minimize customer wait times by enabling support staff with agility to handle customer needs quickly.


New services provisioning

Streamline customer account management including provisioning of new lines and services.

Specific Solutions

Telecom operators are facing increasing challenges in the digital era. They compete to offer affordable, uninterrupted, and innovative services, while improving the overall customer experience.

Process examples

Contact Center

Transforming the customer experience

Telecomms need to use automation to update outdated working models, enabling them to deliver new omni channel services that arise from 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT). This approach will result in exceeding growing customer expectations.


Field Service

Help field technicians tend to more requests

Optimize routing and scheduling to make the most of every hour in the field. Equip agents with the necessary tools to diagnose and resolve issues faster.

Network Management

Ensuring maximum uptime and higher customer satisfaction rates

Atomatik helps tackle these challenges by automating repetitive tasks such as event and diagnostics management. This allows network engineers to focus on more complex processes and guarantee superior coverage.

network-engineer-doing-hardware-check-on-computer-2023-03-24-21-27-17-utc (1).jpg
positive-sales-agent-at-work-portrait-2022-12-18-17-33-33-utc (1).jpg

Sales & Marketing

Generate more sales

Atomatik also provides real-time information about the consumer to the staff during their calls. This enables employees to pitch more focused deals and offers to ensure higher close rates and increased deal size.

Why is Atomatik your automation partner of choice?

Our team of dedicated automation experts is here to help you all the way.


Atomatik empowers business users in the telecom industry to automate processes across operations, so you can work efficiently, and increase productivity, faster, to truly reshape and evolve how work gets done – for the better.

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