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Why Atomatik?

Atomatik delivers
360-degree automation

Trained digital workers take over high-volume repetitive activities and interact with internal ERP & other process systems — as well as external parties — working 24/7, avoiding human errors, and lowering operational costs.

Atomatik is different

Truly no-code intelligent automation for process owners

Atomatik goes further beyond RPA, offering intelligent automation that is robust, user-friendly, and growth-oriented.


No technical skills required

Intuitive drag-and-drop process automation – minimal training, no technical expertise required

Atomatik Easily train.png

Easy digital worker training

No coding needed to train Atomatik digital workers: Process owners demonstrate workflow, digital workers learn from the interactions

AtomatikPlug & Play.png

Fast adoption

Fast, easy set-up with rapid customization to suit business needs, plus a library of pre-defined automated tasks available off-the-shelf

Why Atomatik.png

Understanding your automation drivers

It is extremely important to understand what your value drivers are before diving into automation. We have seen many times before organizations diving into programs when they don’t articulate what they are trying to accomplish and where they are trying to get to.

Built to deliver the highest value

Atomatik Business User Focused.png
Atomatik User Friendly.png
Atomatik AI Powered.png

Fully automated execution

Atomatik Fully automated.png

Achieve true automation from start to finish. Our robust digital workers interact across all internal and third-party systems, using proprietary heuristic algorithms to minimize exceptions and failures

AtomatikPlug & Play.png

Plug & Play deployment

Set up is a breeze. Easily adjust Atomatik to fit your needs. A library of per-defined automation tasks are available out-of-the-box

We've created a no-code, intuitive solution that makes automation straightforward even for people who don’t have a background in technology

Build automated workflows in a user-friendly environment that is easy to deploy, maintain, and scale

Our AI-powered digital workers are flexible, intuitive, and easy to train. Training a digital worker takes minutes and does not require any specific skill set

Business user focused

User-friendly navigation

AI-powered digital workers

One platform to automate anything

Discover what Atomatik can do for you

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