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Work smarter.
Work efficiently.
Simply automate.

Empowering business users to automate processes across operations, so you can work efficiently, and increase productivity, faster.

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Value to Business

Unlocking growth, cutting costs,
& putting the focus back on customers



  • Easy implementation means a faster path to large-scale automation

  • Greater operational efficiency & better data for faster, more informed decision-making

  • Ability to productize automation routines for complex tasks

  • Achieve digitalization and reduction in IT workload



  • Truly no-code offering means faster, easier training and enablement

  • Less complex pricing model than competitors—only buy what you need

  • Rapid reduction in overhead costs related to performance of low-value, repetitive tasks

  • More engaged workforce focused on higher-value activities, leading to lower turnover


Superior Customer Experience

  • Faster response time to customer queries

  • Proactive engagement based on data analytics

  • Elimination of human error in data processing

  • Employees spend more time on customer relationships, less on process management

One platform to automate your business processes.

Our mission is to put our tool in the hands of non-technical users to leverage the power of true automation through Atomatik

Why choose Atomatik

Process automation enables large volumes of tasks to be achieved quickly and accurately, and in turn, reduces costs and improves efficiencies.


Atomatik provides the foundation for significant competitive advantage, adds substantial value, and improves customer outcomes. The concept of digital workers operating as part of a blended human and digital workforce is growing into what is known as the “future of work”.

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Get more done with a
hybrid workforce

Empower your human team with a digital one. Accelerate efficiency by delegating those manual, tedious, repetitive tasks to a digital workforce to hit your goals faster and boost productivity in your organization


Key Benefits

Technology Benefits


No code / Low code Solution

Build automated workflows in a user-friendly environment that is easy to deploy, maintain, and scale

Operational Benefits

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Increased Efficiency

Reduces operational costs whilst increasing customer satisfaction and driving innovation to be able to adapt, evolve and develop at a speed at which your business needs change


Powerful Security Framework

Protecting your data as it moves and communicates between components by using data encryption, role-based access, and a comprehensive audit trail to secure information

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Fully Automated Execution

Our digital workers interact across all internal and third-party systems, using proprietary heuristic algorithms to minimize exceptions and failures

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Execution Intelligence

Our AI-powered digital workers are flexible, intuitive, and easy to train. Training a digital worker takes minutes and doesn’t require any specific skill set

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Business User Focused

No-code, intuitive solution that makes automation straightforward even for people who don’t have a background in technology


Enterprise Strength

Enterprise capability designed and proven in regulated industries that is scalable and a resilient technology

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Reduce Risk & Human Errors

Digital workers complete tasks much faster than humans, making no mistakes and generating less costs of error, therefore freeing up humans to deliver better outcomes and focus on higher-value work


Lights-Out Workforce

A digital workforce built from first principles, designed to work intelligently and autonomously


Centralised Knowledge

Easily adjust Atomatik to fit your needs. A library of pre-defined automation tasks is available out of the box

Built for everyone

Enjoy the power of an enterprise leader with unlimited scalability. Our digital workers can interact across all internal and third-party systems, to reduce operational costs, whilst increasing customer satisfaction and driving innovation.


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& Governance

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One platform to automate anything

Discover what Atomatik can do for you

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