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Atomatik for the Healthcare Industry

Accelerate digital transformation in healthcare with Atomatik  

Transform your operations and patient experience today

with Atomatik no-code workflow solution.


Empower Medical Staff and Transform
Patient Experience with RPA

Enabling digital services, building the foundations for integrated care, and ensuring financial sustainability are all central pillars of the modern healthcare system. Automation can:


Improve back-office efficiencies

Elevate patient


Enhance workforce


Populate health management and integrated care

Get more out of your existing systems, free staff to do more valuable work, and streamline patient processing

Innovate patient engagement models, simplify patient processing, and give nurses more time to spend with patients

Give your team the tools and time they need to help people by removing mundane processes and allowing them focus on patient care

See the whole picture by unlocking your data, and harness the power to collaborate and share these data

Atomatik transforms the Healthcare industry


cost of a Digital Worker vs a regular employee


reduction in claims processing



time saved for checking the status of a health insurance claim


less human staff needed

(1 digital worker vs.

9 human employees)

How do we do it?

Atomatik’s business process automation solution generates digital transformation in healthcare, enabling organizations to adapt, increase capacity, and respond to the spectrum of challenges throughout the care delivery value chain.


Payer organizations perform essential health insurance payment processes.​ Atomatik’s no-code workflow automation solution helps drive efficiencies in traditional payer processes,and become a differentiated healthcare partner for providers and members alike.

Claim Management

  • Multi-channel intake

  • Member & Provider info edits

  • Member eligibility validations

  • Medical necessity validations

  • Review case determination

  • Claim processing audit

  • Claims adjudication

  • Claim payment adjustments

  • High-dollar claim audits

  • Post-authorization case review

Care Management & Behavior Health

  • High-risk member identification

  • Member outreach scheduling

  • Risk assessment

  • Personalized care plan

  • Identify duplicate cases & merge

  • Eligibility & questionnaire management

  • Clinical history data gathering

  • Correspondence letter generation

  • Schedule appointments  

  • Monitor progress

Provider Management

  • Document checklist request

  • Roster data formatting & mapping

  • Update Provider data

  • Provider data correction (NPI, PHIN, PIN)

  • Correspondence & notifications

  • Sanctions validation

  • Provider taxonomy management

  • NPI, education & address validation & verification

  • Provider contract setup

  • Payment reconciliation

Contact Center

  • Account enquiries & benefit lookup

  • Claims status request

  • Insurance verification

  • Plan 360 view & care coordination

  • Pre-certification & authorization status check

  • Call history summary

  • Address validation & changes

  • Member demographics updates

  • COB inquiries

  • Claim billing enquiry


Healthcare providers have large stacks of documents on their desk and lots of emails in their inboxes, with a health challenge that needs to be solved for their patients at the same time. Atomatik’s no-code workflow automation solution enables medical staff to build rapport, give the necessary care and attention, while digital workers handle the information transactions.

Patient Access

  • Outreach

  • Pre-certification & authorization submissions

  • Patient onboarding

  • Scheduling

  • Insurance verification & eligibility

  • Document intake

  • Referrals management

  • Point-of-service collection

  • Financial clearance & planning initiation

  • Appointment reminders

Care Delivery

  • Charge capture & coding

  • Documentation

  • Lab & Radiology reports triage

  • Check-in

  • Check-out

  • Lab order entry

  • Dx, X-Ray & Radiology order entry

  • Medication management

  • Phone triage & follow-up calls

  • Remote visits & monitoring

Revenue Cycle

  • Prior authorization

  • Insurance claims - posting

  • Patient payment - posting

  • Coordination of benefits (primary, secondary & tertiary)

  • Price transparency & real-time estimates

  • Revenue integrity - payment audits 

  • Provider: insurance enrollment

  • Revenue integrity: CDM management

  • Revenue integrity: IME or IMR audits

  • Insurance claims: denied & rejected follow-up

Practice Management

  • Clinic staffing & scheduling

  • Regulatory & Compliance reporting

  • P&L reporting

  • Charge capture, documentation & coding audits

  • HEDIS reporting

  • Indexing & routing documentation

  • Care coordination

  • Patient communications

  • Population health management

  • Disease tracking & trending

Key Benefits

Discover the benefits of intelligent automation

for healthcare operations 


Boost morale and productivity

Atomatik relieves healthcare workers of repetitive tasks, allowing them to engage in more productive, higher-value work, and focus on patient care.


Achieve interoperability

Digital workers securely extract data and communicate between any systems, following complex privacy rules and process triggers.


Improve efficiency and accuracy

Automate healthcare processes to get greater throughput, 100% accuracy, and reduce critical errors and costs.


Reduce compliance risk

Stay audit ready with bots to keep compliance-based records up to date with 100% accuracy.


Improve quality of care

Digital workers can automate monitoring quality protocols against scores like AHRQ, HEDIS, and HCAHPS.

Resilient supply chain.png

Better patient experience

Improve patient experience by reducing busywork and making patient encounters, whether virtual or face-to-face, seamless, and successful.

Specific Solutions

As the world becomes more consumer oriented, patients expect more from their healthcare providers. Whether this means opening a digital front door to services, offering more tailored correspondents, or just getting more out of their interactions with clinicians, patients want information at their fingertips, and services on demand. 

Process examples

Contact centers

Rapidly retrieve patient data

Help contact center agents rapidly retrieve patient or member data, by triggering digital workers to execute various requests. This enables full focus on the patient interaction, faster issue resolution, and appropriate follow-up.


Inventory Management

Reporting on medical supplies

Create a Digital Workforce to download, update and communicate inventory levels. This results in constant visibility, eliminating reporting errors, and ensuring optimal levels of critical medical supplies.

Revenue cycle management

Process data accurately

Digital workers help improve processes across revenue cycle functions such as new patient appointment requests, claim denials, and billing. They extract data from documents, process, and transfer it to other systems and formats with up to 100% accuracy.


Claims Processing

Extract data seamlessly

Digital Workers automate the intake, evaluation, and handling of incoming claims from providers. Result? Seamless extraction of required data, exceptions identification, and invoices processing through to payment.

Why is Atomatik your automation partner of choice?

Our team of dedicated automation experts is here to help you all the way.


Atomatik empowers business users in healthcare to automate processes across operations, so you can work efficiently, and increase productivity, faster, to truly reshape and evolve how work gets done – for the better.


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