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Energy & Utilities with Atomatik

Driving change for
Energy & Utilities 

Leverage Atomatik to remain competitive and meet stringent regulations and compliance standards, whilst transforming customer experience and lowering operating costs.


Automation benefits Energy & Utilities companies


of energy & utility firms have implemented large-scale automation programs


speed up of the customer onboarding process


improvement in operational agility reported by Energy executives


reduction of the processing time

Atomatik Digital Workers in Energy & Utilities

In a world of volatility, inflation, and high rate hikes, automation can…


Increase revenue 

Saves cost by

performing activities

of several FTE’s


Reduce errors

Minimizes errors and improves the turnaround time in resolving customer issues


Scale up

Helps in scaling up quickly during disasters and crisis


Remain compliant

Adapt quickly to constant policy changes in the industry

How Atomatik is transforming the
Energy & Utilities industry

The utilities sector touches every aspect of the economy including the production and distribution of power, water, gas, telecommunications, risk detection or waste management services. When one sector goes down, the ripple effects are significant.


Atomatik in the utilities sector is suited to automate data entry, repetitive business processes or

time-sensitive workflows, and is effective at data collection, extraction and analysis, report compilation, risk detection and assessment initiatives.

Key Benefits

Improve customer service. Reduce risk.

Strengthen compliance.


Improved coordination

Atomatik helps manage the workloads of front-line personnel during emergencies. 

Digital workers ensure necessary inventory is in place, coordinate resources among various teams, and trace where work is being done in real time.


Enhance customer experience

Automate routine front office tasks, such as data entry, billing inquiries, requests for duplicate bills, service addition/deletion, repair scheduling, account updates, and

outage reports and updates. Digital workers provide a positive end-user experience while taking over many of the repetitive tasks.

Supply chain


Manage contracts, maintain logs and reports, inventory control and supply management, provide updates to end-users, monitoring and offer real-time updates on delays and backlogs. Generate reports in real-time and complete analysis quickly using multiple data points.

Compliance management


Track all required compliance for government agencies, H&S protocols, analyze data in real time and generate reports. Automatically complete and file government or incident reports and create audit trails.


Minimize clerical errors

Atomatik digital workers help you reduce errors, decrease processing time, and complete tasks quickly. They never need to take a holiday, a lunch break, or a sick day.

Risk reduction


Monitor large volumes of data simultaneously, analyze the information, provide validation, and detect problems quickly, generating a report or alert as soon as the issue is detected. Faster detection means faster response and resolution, which minimizes impact and provides higher-value customer service.

Specific Solutions

The utilities sector provides critical infrastructure that supports all aspects of the economy. It is also heavily customer-centric, yet many of those customer-based activities are prone to human error, time-consuming and labour-intensive. Incorporating Atomatik’s solution into routine business processes reduces errors & costs, increases efficiency, and provides new opportunities for employees to grow their job satisfaction.

Process examples


Reducing human errors

Incorrect data entry can lead to wrong billing, decreased customer satisfaction, and undermine the business operational efficiency. Atomatik can automate the billing process by delegating the work to a digital worker, reducing the human errors leading to an incorrect bill.


Customer Support

Extracting customer data from multiple systems

Digital workers can quickly extract customer data from multiple systems and present them to the customer rep. This allows the rep to focus on solving the customer’s issue instead of manually pulling up disparate data from different legacy systems.

Regulatory Compliance

Improve compliance

Atomatik digital workers can extract information pertaining to safety checks, operational costs, KPI's and more, from multiple sources. Utility providers need to maintain and show these to public authorities periodically. For instance, automation of ESG reporting leaves a visible footprint for compliance officers to assess. 


Financial Processes

Ensuring accuracy and cost reduction

Utility companies, like other businesses, have financial processes in the back office that can be automated to ensure accuracy and reduce costs with minimal human intervention. Atomatik digital workers help automate these core

processes, allowing them to be carried out with minimal effort by the financial department.

Why is Atomatik your automation partner of choice?

Our team of dedicated automation experts is here to help you all the way.


From identifying processes to ongoing maintenance and support, our team supports you with every phase of your project.


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