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How it works


Whether your preference is to deploy automation on-premises or in cloud, Atomatik delivers a seamless, truly end-to-end process automation experience. Work at ease knowing your information is secure as Atomatik robots interact with your internal systems & third-party software, just like you do.


Our digital robots can understand what appears on your screen, what fields need to be extracted & filled, navigate systems, & perform a vast range of predefined actions. Think of it as a fast, consistent digital workforce that’s ready to tackle any challenge you assign.

Monitor your

Atomatik-monitor inbox.png

Extract data from
various documents

Atomatik-extract data.png

Read, write,
consolidate files

Atomatik-read write consolidate.png

Access software

Atomatik-access software systems.png

rule-based actions

Atomatik-Execute actions.png

Send email

Atomatik-send notifications.png


Atomatik-Generate reports.png

document data

Atomatik-update document data.png

Results you can see

Atomatik Fast Cost Savings.png
Atomatik Scale seamlessly.png
Atomatik Accelerate time to value.png

Fast cost


time to value

Atomatik Improve quality.png

Improve quality
& compliance

Atomatik Reduce risk.png

Reduce risk &
human errors

Atomatik Drive innovation.png


Platform Components

Combining business intelligence with high-volume processing power to deliver you an exceptional automation experience

Atomatik Design Studio.png

Design Studio

An intuitive automation tool where users can train digital robots to create automated workflows.

In the Studio users can design processes by dragging and dropping activities and tasks onto a virtual canvas. Simply let the digital robot observe the steps and leave it to do the work. All of this without having the need to code.

MicrosoftTeams-image (6).png

Digital Robots

Flexible digital workers ready to liberate your team from mundane tasks.  Training a robot is easy and takes minutes - they can learn from user interactions and execute the automations created within Design Studio, extracting & validating data across multiple systems.


Atomatik Control Room.png

Control Room

An intelligent dashboard that allows users to schedule workflows, manage all automated processes assigned to digital robots, and report on performance, in real-time. Users can scale up execution in response to demand and optimize operations by scheduling work to run either on premises or in-cloud.

Protecting your automation journey, every step of the way

A range of security controls designed to protect your business

Deployed within the entire Atomatik platform is a powerful security framework, protecting your data as it moves and communicates between components by using data encryption, role-based access, and a comprehensive audit trail to secure information.

Atomatik Security

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