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Atomatik in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing made easy: add speed, increase efficiency, and drive revenue across the
value chain

Fuel innovation while reducing cost and time to market with Atomatik’s business process automation solution.

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Automation benefits the Manufacturing industry





improvement in compliance


increase in operational efficiencies


faster time to market


lower operating costs

Atomatik fully covers Manufacturing transformation

Managing changing market dynamics, skills shortages, and new competitors


Enhance customer experience

Improve profitability

& cash-flow

Provide proactive

purchase orders

Transform customer experience with

end-to-end automation

Enable fast automated price quotes for both direct to customer and retail sales

Check inventory levels against actual stock and automatically generate POs to suppliers



business KPIs

Streamline production management and gain transparency into real-time

stock movement

How do we do it?

In today's manufacturing sector, intelligent automation helps boost productivity and supports new operating models while reducing costs and elevating the customer experience. Digital workers are delivering a digital supply chain utilizing the best of robotic process automation.


  1. Vendor Qualification

  2. Inventory Management

  3. SKU Updates


  1. Shipment Scheduling

  2. Shipment Status Communication

  3. Route Management

Supply & Demand Planning

  1. Bill of Manuals

  2. Sales & Purchase Reporting

  3. Sales Pipeline Reporting


  1. Order-to-Cash

  2. Payments Management

  3. Customer Master Data

Customer Service

  1. Customer Communication

  2. Service Desk

  3. Escalation Management

Key Benefits

Discover the benefits of intelligent automation

for manufacturing operations 


Access data in real time

Atomatik works seamlessly across systems, can process data, and analyze information instantly.


Quicker go-to-market

Deploy a Digital Workforce for faster process execution and maximal productivity.


Improve customer experience

Drive real-time data to improve support processes and anticipate customer needs.


Leaner process

Atomatik enables manufacturers to eliminate process and workflow waste across the enterprise.


Lower costs

Eliminate human error and increase compliance in business processes from HR to IT.

Resilient supply chain.png

Resilient supply chain

Apply Atomatik to make supply chain processes such as onboarding your new vendors more agile.

Specific Solutions

Leading manufacturers are automating back-office and operational processes to eliminate waste

and increase agility, while reducing costs, speeding up time-to-market,

and enabling innovation to flourish at the same time.

Process examples

Purchase Order Processing

Reduce errors and delays

Automate invoice processing for all vendors to eliminate errors and delays. Atomatik extracts invoice data in any format, requests approvals, monitors payment status, and updates systems.

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Inventory Management

Real-time reporting and tracking

Atomatik digital workers can work around the clock to track your inventory, delivering real-time reporting and analysis to help you keep pace with demand fluctuations.

Customer Satisfaction

End-to-end process workflow

Transform the customer experience with end-to-end automation in contact centers by providing more valuable self-service with automated processes.

Customer satisfaction pic.jpg
Employee empowerment pic.jpg

Employee Empowerment

Bringing the employee back to the center

Let digital workers handle onboarding/off-boarding, manage online training and handle a wide range of other repetitive HR tasks. Automate routine IT tasks, such as password resets and service desk requests.

Why is Atomatik your automation partner of choice?

Our team of dedicated automation experts is here to help you all the way.


Atomatik empowers business users in the manufacturing industry to automate  their operational processes, enabling them to work efficiently, and increase productivity, to truly reshape and evolve how work gets done – for the better.


Make automation in Manufacturing simple

Get in touch with our team today →

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