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Atomatik at HR Vision Amsterdam 2023:Key Insights from the Event

Regarded as one of the most relevant events in the world of HR, the Amsterdam edition of HR Vision took place between May 9-10. Hosted by the Postillion Hotel, it was a 2-day boutique event full of insightful conferences and keynotes from top-level human resources leaders and professionals.

Atomatik took part in the event as an automation enabler for this vital function, still hampered by many manual processes. In this article, we’ll explore some of the key takeaways from this event.

HR Vision Amsterdam covered fresh insights into the critical challenges of the HR world and provided ample networking opportunities. The Atomatik team took part in the event to highlight the increasing capabilities and the many potential use cases for automation in administrative and organizational human resources operations.

The Atomatik team at the event booth.

Key Takeaways from the Event

The attendee list was a very diverse one, with HR leaders and professionals joining from several countries and various industries. Companies in manufacturing, oil and gas, healthcare, logistics, finance, retail, and more were represented by key members of their staff.

It would be challenging to sum up two exciting days with back-to-back talks full of valuable information in a single article, but we noted a few of the important insights.

1. Employer branding is becoming increasingly relevant

SMEs are increasing their employer branding budgets by up to 350%, making the need for this kind of messaging obviously vital. The focus should also be more on holistic strategies and putting people and their success at the forefront of communications.

2. AI is about collaboration, not competition

Perhaps one of the hottest topics throughout the event, both officially and off the record, the disruption caused by artificial intelligence in the past six months has generated a lot of talks.

While concerns can be legitimate, especially for a people-centric function, AI will ultimately become another tool in an arsenal, like automation.

Granted, the rate at which this technology is becoming part of our work life is faster than ideal. The indicators we have at this stage point towards a collaborative merger, rather than a replacement of human abilities.

3. Managing millennials

Millennials are currently the largest group active in the global workforce. On average, a millennial will change his job 17 times in 5 years, a massively different paradigm than, previous generations. “Job hopping” once was poorly viewed and an indicator of an inconsistent employee.

Today, it has become a normal part of work, as many millennials achieve substantial growth of income from switching roles. For employers, it is another layer in the fight to find and retain talent.

4. Embracing the VUCA world

VUCA stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, attributes that make it difficult to construct strategies, analyze and adapt to situations. Mitigating VUCA in HR requires constant communication, listening, upskilling, and ultimately acceptance.

5. Diversity and inclusion will make a difference

As we previously covered, an inclusive environment is and will remain a predictor of a successful growth path for any organization. The workforce has never been more diverse and demanding of flexibility from employers. Younger generations care more about preserving their authenticity and lifestyle, prompting organizations to renounce conservative internal guidelines.

Craig Nicholson on automation in HR

Atomatik’s Chief of Strategy, Craig Nicholson, was one of the keynote speakers at HR Vision Amsterdam 2023. Craig’s presentation addressed the many issues human resources professionals face across industries, including inefficiency, inaccurate data, poor positioning against competitors, and slow time to value.

Tedious tasks like for example collecting data from multiple candidates and uploading it into applicant tracking systems or other apps are time-consuming and bring little satisfaction to HR specialists. It can also make for a bumpy onboarding process for candidates.

Craig Nicholson, Atomatik Chief of Strategy

Atomatik helps companies onboard candidates faster by delegating data collection and document signing to digital workers. Craig touched on several points where automation can foster a good relationship with employees. Areas like talent development, employee engagement, creating a positive work culture, and driving innovation were all covered in his talk, igniting conversations at the end.

We enjoyed our time at HR Vision Amsterdam and found it was a great opportunity to exchange knowledge about the challenges and trends that are reshaping the world of human resources. We’d like to thank the organizers and everyone who visited our booth for the valuable conversations.

If you would like to learn more about how Atomatik can empower HR departments, book a call with our sales team.


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