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Atomatik for Internal Audit Professionals

Automate & simplify Internal Auditing with Atomatik's no-code workflow solution


Automation helps transform Internal Auditing


of workforce tasks can be automated


savings estimated in global workforce costs


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more business efficiencies

Atomatik opens up many opportunities
to automate the Internal Audit Lifecycle


Key Benefits

Atomatik saves time, reduces errors, improves data analysis,
& enhances the efficiency of routine audit tasks


Better use of scarce resources

By replacing manual activities, Atomatik helps free up capacity for teams, allowing personnel to focus on higher-value activities, such as quality assurance reviews, exception management, process improvement, and interpersonal interactions.


Higher quality output

Atomatik enables an efficient task performance, getting highly traceable and auditable results. With inherent process standardization, fewer manual errors are likely to occur, improving audit accuracy and quality.


Increased efficiency and reduced costs

Atomatik operates and executes audit tasks around the clock at an accelerated pace (in many cases, more than 90% faster than manual processes). By reducing time consuming manual activities, automation can lead to significant cost savings.

More business value


Auditing organizations seek to increase assurance and coverage. Atomatik expedites this goal by enabling auditors to move from statistical sampling to full population testing. Businesses value increases in tandem, enabling proactive insights and analysis in reporting.


Improve operational efficiencies

The shift toward value-added activities can improve operating effectiveness, allowing the auditing organization to keep pace with business changes and the associated impact.


Increase testing frequency

Atomatik enables organizations to increase the frequency of testing and, in many cases, to transition to a continuous auditing model for providing more timely insights to the business.

How Atomatik Drives Value in Internal Audit

Process examples

Sampling Risk

Test Larger Data Sets

In an audit, representative data samples are often selected out of a full population of data sets, leading to internal auditors testing just a small % of control executions manually. 


Automated testing helps auditors expand their coverage by examining full populations, enabling management to achieve greater confidence that controls are designed & operate effectively. 


Audit Frequency

Increase Frequency of Testing

Because of the risk-based approach followed by IA departments, some business areas may not be audited every year, but only every 2 or 3 years .

Atomatik enables organizations to increase the frequency of testing and, in many cases, transition to a continuously auditing model for providing more timely insights to the business. 

Annual Risk Assessment

Track the Annual Audit Plan

Many IA departments today still follow the traditional method of performing an annual risk assessment as the precursor to the annual audit plan. 

Atomatik is able to automate this time-consuming task, by tracking progress against the annual audit plan, track and monitor key risk indicators (KRIs) which are taken into consideration by auditors when performing the annual risk assessment. 


Audit Committee Report

Automate Reporting and Dashboard Activities

A large portion of management time in audit is spent in reporting. Audit reports go to the Chief Audit Executive (CAE) and onward to the audit committee. Traditionally, they are lengthy, verbose reports that take significant time to complete.

Atomatik assists IA leadership in automating reporting and dashboarding activities, including populating audit committee and management report templates.

Enhancing Internal Auditing through the Power of Atomatik’s no-code workflow capabilities

Unlock value from the next generation no-code workflow solution.

Businesses are in a race to harness the potential of cutting-edge digital technologies, stepping beyond basic spreadsheet macros. Atomatik represents a newer form of digital labor, employing software-based digital workers to streamline processes.


In the realm of internal audit, Atomatik offers both opportunity and obligation. Internal audit gains the chance to become a dependable consultant, partnering with functional and business unit leaders to elevate the control environment. This collaboration thrives as business processes undergo redesign and automation through Atomatik's capabilities.


Why is Atomatik your automation partner of choice?

Our team of dedicated automation experts is here to help you all the way.


From identifying processes, to ongoing maintenance and support, the automation of your Internal Auditing activities is in good hands.


We enable IA professionals to work efficiently and increase productivity faster, to truly reshape and evolve how work gets done – for the better.



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