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Process automation solution

for any business function

Explore how Atomatik's full range of benefits and capacity for endless scaling can be applied to any business function, across any industry

Solutions by Industry

By identifying industry-specific pain points and needs, we can proactively offer the right solutions to our customers

Industry - Telecom.png


Automate front and back-office telecom operations so your team can focus on providing exceptional services.

Industry - Healthcare.png


Empower your teams with a digital workforce and delegrate data processing and paperwork to AI-powered digital workers.

Industry - Manufacturing.png


Expand the capacity of your operations and increase your time to market with enhanced quality and efficiency.


Energy & Utilities

Leverage digital workers to enhance the customer experience while increasing financial stability.

Industry - Retail.png


Leverage a digital workforce to eliminate manual, tedious tasks so your teams are free to focus on in-store service.

Find out how you can gain a competitive edge in your industry. .

Explore by industry

Regardless of your industry, Atomatik can help


of telecoms back & front office processes


of banking, financial services, and insurance processes


of manufacturing processes


of tasks in healthcare & social services activities


capability of insurance processes

Solutions by Function

Free up employees for more fulfilling, valuable, and strategic work with Atomatik’s no-code workflow solution

Business Function - Supply Chain.png

Supply Chain

Streamline manual processes across order processing, vendor selection & reporting.

Business Function - Customer Service.png

Customer Service

Empower your team so they can do what people do best - provide your customers with a true human experience.

Business Function - Legal.png


Free your legal team from contracts, data integration, reports, and other tedious tasks.

Business Function - Sales & Marketing.png

Sales & Marketing

Accelerate the sales and marketing funnel and achieve a truly scalable business.

We can help you identify the areas in which Atomatik can benefit your teams. ..

Explore by function

Regardless of your business function, Atomatik can transform your business


increase in customer satisfaction


employees focus less on repetitive & mundane tasks


increase in volume handling capacity


increase in customer engagement


new revenue sourcing

Success Stories

Read more about how Atomatik has helped industries work smarter & more efficiently by simply automating

Explore the benefits of digital transformation for your organization


An automation partner for your journey

Our team of dedicated automation experts is here to help you all the way.


From identifying processes to ongoing maintenance and support, the automation of your organization is in good hands.

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