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Explore how Atomatik's full range of benefits and capacity for endless scaling can be applied to any business function, across any industry

Atomatik solutions

By business function

Business Function - Financec & Accounting.png

Finance & Accounting

Automate the aggregation, reporting, and forecasting of financial data across multiple systems.

Business Function - Customer Service.png

Customer Service

Empower your team so they can do what people do best - provide your customers with a true human experience.

Business Function - HR.png

Human Resources

Identify the best matches for open positions faster and reduce labor-intensive document & candidate processing.

Business Function - IT.png


Increase capacity across your IT landscape by outsourcing data migration, user setup and configuration, FTP download / upload, and application integration.  

Business Function - Supply Chain.png

Supply Chain

Streamline manual processes across order processing, vendor selection & reporting.

Business Function - Legal.png


Free your legal team from contracts, data integration, reports, and other tedious tasks.

Business Function - Sales & Marketing.png

Sales & Marketing

Accelerate the sales and marketing funnel and achieve a truly scalable business.

We can help you identify the areas in which Atomatik can benefit your teams. ..

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Atomatik solutions

By industry

Industry - Financial Services.png

Financial Services

Streamline manual, data-intensive processes to reduce costs, increase compliance, and enable greater business opportunities.

Industry - Healthcare.png


Empower your teams with a digital workforce and delegrate data processing and paperwork to AI-powered robots.

Industry - Insurance.png


Automate claims processing and improve operations agility, while accelerating you customer-facing digital capabilities.

Industry - Telecom.png


Automate front and back-office telecom operations so your team can focus on providing exceptional services.

Industry - BPO.png


Leverage RPA digital robots to remain competitive and profitable in a fast-evolving, high volume industry.

Industry - Manufacturing.png


Expand the capacity of your operations and increase your time to market with enhanced quality and efficiency.

Industry - Retail.png


Move faster in an ever-changing consumer market. Elimate manual, tedious tasks so your teams are free to focus on in-store service.

Find out how you can gain a competitive edge in your industry. .

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