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Atomatik for Insurance

Simplify complex Insurance tasks with Intelligent Automation

Apply Atomatik to manage risk, eliminate human errors, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.

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Automation benefits the Insurance industry


enhanced response speed


accuracy improvements


removal of repetitive tasks to foucs on high-value work


of reporting, planning & other strategic work can be automated


time savings in data processing tasks

Atomatik transforms the insurance industry

Today, insurers face pressures from intensifying competition, escalating risks, and daunting regulations. Atomatik is here to offer:


24/7 omni channel


Over deliver on increased customer expectations


Better data


Turn unstructured data into game-changing insights


Manual touchpoint reduction

Transform disjointed processes into click-of-the-button automations


Strengthen risk


Meet dynamic regulations with even more dynamic operations

How do we do it?

Atomatik’s no-code workflow automation solution for business users is ready to work from underwriting to customer service, applying the power of Robotic Process Automation in insurance companies, to the most mundane yet complex activities. In the graphic below we have outlined all the insurance operations we cover.

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Key Benefits

Discover how intelligent automation helps streamline insurance operations


Reduce Costs

Make your insurance operations more efficient and improve productivity by automating repetitive processes.


Accelerate claims handling

Automate document processing and claims workflow to upgrade timeliness and accuracy.


Enhance underwriting

Improve access to internal and external data sources to enrich risk analysis and product development.


Boost customer service

Provide real-time access to customer data and accelerate completion of customer requests.


Increase policyholder retention

Identify retention risks and proactively offer products/services to meet customer needs.

Empower human resources

Free-up employees to perform value-adding analytical activities.

Specific Solutions

While there is currently a big push in the insurance industry to get digital transformation projects over the line, the traditional challenges haven’t changed. Legacy systems, interoperability, siloed functions & teams, budgetary pressures, and complex operating structures - all create roadblocks that are hard to shift.

Process examples

Claims Management

Streamline the claims journey

Automate high-volume claims filing processes, to free up claims inspectors for resolving key issues and exceptions. Standard claims get handled within minutes, while employees focus on the issues that matter to the business.

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Risk & compliance.jpg

Risk & Compliance

Accuracy of complicated analysis

When used in Risk & Compliance fields of insurance, Atomatik shifts companies from reactive to proactive. As compliance is an ongoing process, testing, implementation, and monitoring are critical. Using automation to carry out these tasks saves time and generates highly accurate data, unlocking more insights.


Eliminate human errors

The process of underwriting involves the compilation of unstructured data from various resources, and analysing the risks involved in specific policies. The process is tedious and bears high risks of human errors, delays in processing, lack of communication within various divisions, and overuse of human workforces.



Giving time back to the business

Atomatik helps insurance companies achieve creation of sales scorecards and credit checks with effectively zero errors, freeing up employees for innovative tasks. Atomatik also helps enterprises chalk out a high-efficiency workflow to ensure customer satisfaction through timely deliveries.


Why is Atomatik your automation partner of choice?

Our team of dedicated automation experts is here to help you all the way.


Atomatik empowers business users in the insurance industry to automate processes across operations, enabling them to work efficiently and increase productivity, faster, to truly reshape and evolve how their work gets done – for the better.

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