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Retail with Atomatik

Lead the retail industry revolution and amaze your customers

Atomatik’s no-code workflow automation solution enables you to stand out with exceptional customer service & efficiency.

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Automation transforms the Retail Industry


of retailers predict that intelligent automation will soon be mainstream


of critical consumer and retail activities are suitable for automation


potential revenue growth due to automation


improvement in efficiency across an entire organization

Atomatik fully supports a new era of retail


Maintain a high volume

of inventory

Train, retain, and


Provide fast and efficient service and support

Make the product available on demand.

Critical workforce for retail stores.

To customers through different channels.


Process and fulfil


On time to achieve customer satisfaction.

How We Make it Happen?

In today’s dynamic retail landscape, we understand the need to navigate multiple challenges simultaneously: addressing the effects of global uncertainty, adapting to shifting demands, optimizing limited resources, and, attracting & retaining customers. While you can’t predict the unknown, you can ensure a resilient future through the power of intelligent automation. With Atomatik, you can tackle these challenges with unparalleled speed and agility. Explore the graphic below to discover the wide range of retail operations we cover.

Key Benefits

Discover the benefits of intelligent automation for retail operations


Product Availability

Improve product availability to fulfil market demand.

Deliver value

Deliver more value to the customer through smarter promotions.


Empower Innovation

Free up time to focus on improving customer experience.


Increase efficiencies

Increase operational efficiency and reduce errors in business operations.

Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction with faster order and return processing.


Real-Time Analytics

Provide real-time analytics of sales and inventory for efficient planning.

Specific Solutions

Atomatik workflow automation solution makes administrative processes in retail more efficient. Moreover, it caters to digitalizing basic, repetitive tasks like data analytics, product scanning, and inventory management, resulting in better customer relationship management, cost reduction, advanced audit, enhanced productivity, and much more.

Process examples

Invoice Processing

Automating this aspect in retail is imperative


Atomatik helps collect information from unstructured sources, such as invoices, and extracts it into a standardized format that can be integrated and reconciled with other process information in a centralized system. 

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Business & Sales Analytics

Predictive analytics, supports stock optimization

Sales analytics is key in multiple retail decisions, such as trade promotions, churn rate, and product introductions. Atomatik provides real-time reports based on customer preferences and user behavior regarding a particular product or product features.

Store Planning & Inventory Management

Analyze your store to fit customer expectations

Intelligent automation helps analyze customer preferences and requirements for a better support of the retail strategy. It also helps retailers better arrange their stores to provide a competitive advantage for customers in purchasing goods earlier and creating a high selling point.

Inventory management.jpg
Supply chain management.jpg

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Surge ahead of your competitors

Logistics and Supply Chain Management are at the heart of retail activities. Every retailer is expected to take the products from its suppliers and send them to the customer.


When you deploy Atomatik in retail to automate logistics and supply chain, you improve collaboration between suppliers, customers, and distributors. Additionally, you can also enhance the work of your employees, allowing them to focus their attention on more strategic roles. 

Why is Atomatik your automation partner of choice?

Our team of dedicated automation experts is here to help retail companies all the way.


From identifying processes to ongoing maintenance and support, our team supports retail businesses with every phase of their project.

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