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How it works


Atomatik delivers a seamless, truly end-to-end process automation experience. Work at ease knowing your information is secure as Atomatik digital workers interact with your internal systems & third-party software, just like you do.
Our digital workers can understand what appears on your screen, what fields need to be extracted & filled, navigate systems, & perform a vast range of predefined actions.

Intelligent automation that unlocks massive productivity

Do more with less by using Atomatik’s no-code platform to accelerate innovation and reduce costs as you analyze data & automate processes.


Think of it as a fast, consistent digital workforce that’s ready to tackle any challenge you assign, whether your preference is to deploy automation on-premises or in cloud.

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The future way of working

Learn how to get things done better across your organization


the workforce

Connecting & enabling human and digital workers throughout every level in your organization

Atomatik's enterprise platform helps you unlock the valuable potential that already exists within your workforce by removing manual tasks and inefficiencies from people’s day to day work and empowering them to deliver better experiences internally and externally


how you work

Rethinking how you work to deliver exceptional outcomes and experiences

From individual tasks, into end-to end processes across your entire operations aligned to deliver the right business outcome. Atomatik helps monitor and manage the work, so it can be seamlessly and dynamically passed from a digital worker to a person to meet business goals, timelines, and customer expectations



Deploying automation at scale

Streamline decisions & give people the power to succeed to bring scale through automation

Atomatik supports shifting from the tactical automation of individual tasks to the strategic deployment of intelligent automation across the entire business. We empower you to redefine the way you work, so that you reduce the effort required in managing a workforce at scale

One platform to automate anything

Discover what Atomatik can do for you

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