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Atomatik for Banking & Finance

Reduce costs.
Strengthen compliance. Fuel digital transformation in Banking & Finance. 

Atomatik’s no-code workflow automation solution delivers operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and better customer experiences.


Automation benefits Banking & Finance


customer onboarding acceleration


cost reductions


increase in transaction processing speed


improved efficiency of the Cards & Payments process


reduction in loan origination time

Atomatik transforms Banking & Finance 


Increase revenue 

Remove manual touch points and enable

straight-through processing


Strengthen risk

Improve risk profiles and optimize existing controls


Improve service

Elevate customer engagement with better journeys and user experience


Lower costs

Streamline customer experience across different channels

How do we do it?

Atomatik’s no-code workflow automation solution for business users speeds up and improves all computer-based operational processes within Banking and Finance organizations. In the graphic below we have outlined all the banking operations we cover.

Banking & Finance heatmap.png

Key Benefits

Improve customer service. Reduce risk.

Strengthen compliance.


Reduce Cost

Improve productivity and reduce labour expenses by automating manual and data-intensive processes.


Rapid ROI

Deploy RPA within 3 months and achieve immediate return on investment. 

Strengthen compliance


Seamlessly access customer data to improve KYC/AML analysis, automate ongoing transaction monitoring, and track regulatory changes.


Improve Customer Service

Get real-time access to customer information, accelerate customer request resolution, and identify additional product/service needs.


Streamline operations & reduce risk

Simplify and automate manual processes, eliminate processing errors, and reduce operational risk.

Increase resource capacity


Deploy Digital Workers to augment employees and provide additional capacity to manage peak processing volumes.

Specific Solutions

Atomatik’s Intelligent automation features enable banks and finance companies to transform manual, data-intensive operations while meeting stringent and constantly changing regulatory requirements.

Process examples

Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering 

Ensure Compliance

Use Atomatik’s workflow automation capability to ensure compliance with KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations, develop an accurate client risk profile, support fraud identification, and conduct ongoing account monitoring.


Customer Onboarding

Collect large amounts of data

Automate new account setup activities and streamline data collection from internal and external systems for Customer Due Diligence, distribute welcome packets, and update CRM systems with new customer data.

Mortgage Origination

Extract content

Apply intelligent automation to extract and index documents, order third-party reports (credit, appraisal, title, flood certification), validate loan data, and streamline loan underwriting.


Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

Improve efficiencies and report creation

Save time and avoid human error by automatically generating regulatory compliance reports through the extraction and configuration of data across platforms.


Why is Atomatik your automation partner of choice?

Our team of dedicated automation experts is here to help you all the way.


From identifying processes to ongoing maintenance and support, our team supports you with every phase of your project.

Book a 15-minute discovery call

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