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What is a Digital Worker?

Boost your taskforce by using Digital Workers

A digital worker is an automated member of your team that is trained to carry out a business process just like any employee — only faster and without mistakes. All teams will have digital workers alongside humans in the future.

Atomatik robot.png
Atomatik robot.png

Introducing Ato,
the AI-powered digital worker

But what is a digital worker, you ask?

Just think of us as your digital team! A team that can be quickly trained to execute complex workflows across multiple processes & systems — both internal and external to your company.

What can digital workers do?


Digital workers manage high-volume workloads, based on input from human employees. Most modern business operations involve a certain degree of bulk, monotonous activities that are vital. Emails, spreadsheets, and databases are like digital glue that helps distinct functions work as a whole.

Digital workers can be trained to open web pages and applications, complete keystrokes, navigate systems, and identify and extract data the same way a person would, but with greater speed and accuracy.

Monitor your

Atomatik-monitor inbox.png

Extract data from
various documents

Atomatik-extract data.png

Read, write,
consolidate files

Atomatik-read write consolidate.png

Access software

Atomatik-access software systems.png

rule-based actions

Atomatik-Execute actions.png

Send email

Atomatik-send notifications.png


Atomatik-Generate reports.png

document data

Atomatik-update document data.png

A digital workforce operating 24/7

Atomatik digital workers never take days off and can work on a 24/7 basis. Any repetitive task is ideally suited for RPA. By handing off these monotonous tasks to a digital worker, human workers can engage in more stimulating work that adds greater value to the organization.


Curious about the RPA vs Intelligent Automation? Learn more about the key differences between the two.

Atomatik Security

Powerful security framework to protect your data

Digital workers reside and operate in a virtual architecture environment, secured and controlled by IT. While the training of a digital worker is done by business users.


It can open a web browser, type in a URL, log on with supplied credentials, and extract the required information to input into a document or spreadsheet.

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