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Get new hires
on-boarded and
working faster

With Atomatik, you'll be able to:

Save time setting up your new hires

Improve the quality of your on-boarding process

Ensure new hires are ready to start work on day one


+ Atomatik

Atomatik robot_edited.png

pre-built digital worker


Your top candidate accepts your job offer!

Atomatik robot_edited.png

Ato helps by generating the contract, extracting relevant new hire data, and reviews signatures

Atomatik + BambooHR.png

Ato creates the new employee record in your Bamboo HR account


All done! Ato sends an email to your colleagues letting them know the process is completed

Automate your workflows with Ato


Focus on working in strategic mode, not reactive mode

Save hours of repetitive, manual work

Reduce the time it takes to set up new hires by automating the repetitive, time-consuming on-boarding actions

Streamline the on-boarding process

Make on-boarding simple. Delegate processes like contract generation, data collection, email sending, and document checks to Atomatik digital workers

Focus on the most important tasks

Atomatik comes already integrated with BambooHR software, so you can free your time to focus on more human work, not paperwork

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Flawless integration with your favorite tools & software systems

Easily connect Atomatik with your in-house systems, apps and external software systems to maximize productivity. No coding required.

Atomatik + BambooHR.png
Adobe PDF.png

+ more integrations available

Starting your automation journey has never been easier

AtomatikPlug & Play.png

Start seeing benefits from day one

The BambooHR pre-built digital worker is designed so you can start automating your processes from the first day. Easily install and configure with your username and settings, and Ato the digital worker is ready to go

Business Function - Financec & Accounting.png

Easily automate other processes

Don’t stop at on-boarding, the possibilities are truly endless with Atomatik. We've made it easy for users to duplicate, customize, and expand automation across any other HR processes or manual process across the business

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