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Secure, Intelligent Integration and Automation

Connect data and systems with or without API

Automate business processes of any complexity

Empower data-driven decision-makers

What our Clients say: 


"Automating our back-office Finance processes is of paramount importance towards making our organization more efficient and productive. With Atomatik we found a very responsive and knowledgeable team and a great solution that helped A-SAFE save time. Reporting used to take our finance team two days, now they don’t have to spend time on this as it’s fully automated and executed by Atomatik robots outside the working schedule." 

Bradley Stott

Senior Business Analyst

Connect your cloud-based apps, on-prem systems, and secure databases with our drag-and-drop workflow builder

Seamless integration

with internal systems, apps, & external parties

Truly no coding required

quick and easy to build interactions

Flexible configuration

not limited to 3rd party connectors & triggers

Easily built automations

using a drag-and-drop workflow builder

Interface24d_gif_high q.gif

Intuitive Data Capture and Smart Automation for systems without API conformity

No APIs? No Problem.

Atomatik's UI Automation capabilities ensure robust cross-system connectivity with maximum operational resilience. 

Int2 (1).png

Advanced Data Locating

Locate desired data within spreadsheets, lists or across multiple pages based on specific criteria without writing a single line of code. This feature is ideal for non-technical users seeking powerful data manipulation capabilities. 

Smart Value Verification

Ensure data integrity and adherence to standards by automating the validation of data points against predefined benchmarks or formulas. 

Comprehensive Data Export

Extract values from a desired row or a page of a table or list seamlessly, with no coding required. This feature simplifies complex data operations, making them accessible to everyone.

Advanced Stability and Low Maintenance

Self Healing

Built-in AI component introduces self-healing capabilities that

guarantee operational resilience by eliminating disruptions due to updates or changes across various systems and tools.


Smart Timing Solutions

Embedded timing features are designed

to intelligently wait

for new windows,

pages, and controls

to load, ensuring

smooth interactions

and processes.

Automated Error Documentation

In case of errors, our

system automatically generates screenshots

and videos, facilitating quick troubleshooting

and problem resolution.

Versatile Identification Options

With unique widget recognition capabilities, our solution goes beyond traditional selectors offering you a more flexible and robust data interaction experience.


Harness the power of subject matter experts

Our no-code solution allows subject matter experts in marketing, sales, client relations, accounting, and any other team to effortlessly connect applications and data points and create executable, automated workflows tailored to deliver immediate, tangible results without any need for IT or dev personnel to assist them.


Key Benefits


No code / Low code Solution

Build automated workflows in a user-friendly environment that is easy to deploy, maintain, and scale.

Business Function - Financec & Accounting.png

Increased Efficiency

Reduces operational costs whilst increasing customer satisfaction and driving innovation to be able to adapt, evolve and develop at a speed at which your business needs change.


Powerful Security Framework

Protecting your data as it moves and communicates between components by using data encryption, role-based access, and a comprehensive audit trail to secure information.

Atomatik Fully automated.png

Fully Automated Execution

Our system interacts with data sources across all internal and third-party systems, using proprietary heuristic algorithms to minimize exceptions and failures.

Atomatik AI Powered.png

Process Visualization

Our system automatically documents and maps every single step within your automated business process, making it easy to navigate through your workflow and manipulate any task with much greater precision.

Atomatik Business User Focused.png

Business User Focused

No-code, intuitive solution that makes automation straightforward even for people who don’t have a background in technology.


Enterprise Strength

Enterprise capability, designed and proven in regulated industries as a scalable and resilient technology.

Atomatik Reduce risk.png

Reduce Risk & Human Errors

Automated business processes dramatically reduce exposure to losses associated with human errors, as well as freeing up additional human resources to deliver better outcomes and focus on higher-value work.


Unlocked Data Potential

Achieve a state of constant awareness by connecting all critical systems and data points within the enterprise, eliminating any data silos.


Centralized Knowledge

Consolidated hub for all automated business processes allows for secure and easy knowledge transfer to new employees as well as other groups across the enterprise.

Built for everyone

Enjoy the power of an enterprise leader with unlimited scalability. Our AI-powered solution interacts across all internal and third-party systems, to reduce operational costs, whilst increasing customer satisfaction and driving innovation.


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& Governance

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Human Resources

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Finance & Accounting

Curious to witness the transformative capabilities
of Atomatik? 

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