Intelligent automation

built for process owners

Leverage the power of true automation with Atomatik and unlock greater opportunities for your business

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Meet Ato,

the AI-powered assistant

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What is Atomatik

and what can it do for you?

Combining business intelligence with high-volume processing power, Atomatik is a robotic process automation (RPA) software technology that enables users to scale business and reduce operational costs faster and easier than ever before

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Easily train

intelligent robots

Training takes minutes

& no coding required

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Schedule work on

premises or in-cloud

Optimize operations by deploying automation on demand

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Leverage robots

to expand business

Scale digital robots to increase processing capacity

Why Atomatik

We make automation simple

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No technical skills? No problem

Intuitive drag-and-drop process workflow

A tool built with the everyday user in mind. Simply drag and drop activities into the Design Studio to build your automated processes. All without having the need to code.

Set it up once, and you're good to go

Flexible digital workers with a twist of intelligence

Atomatik robots observe, learn, and replicate based on experience. Leverage their machine learning capabilities and self-healing mechanisms to minimize the need to intervene. Leaving you to focus on more thought-provoking work.

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Simplify the way you draw out data

Data extraction with OCR technology

Using Optical Character Recognition technology, streamline the extraction & distribution of your data from various files into your internal and third-party systems.

Atomatik is different

Built to deliver you the highest value

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Fully automated execution

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Achieve true automation from start to finish. Our robust digital workers interact across all internal and third-party systems, using proprietary heuristic algorithms to minimize exceptions and failures.

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Plug & Play deployment

Set up is a breeze. Easily adjust Atomatik to fit your needs. A library of per-defined automation tasks are available out-of-the-box.

We've created a no-code, intuitive solution that makes automation straightforward even for people who don’t have a background in technology.

Build automated workflows in a user-friendly environment that is easy to deploy, maintain, and scale.

Our AI-powered robots are flexible, intuitive and easy to train. Training a robot takes minutes and doesn’t require any specific skill set.

Business user focused

User-friendly navigation

AI-powered robot training


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