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Precision in sales: How Atomatik drives data accuracy

Managing large volumes of data seems to be the kryptonite of many organizations. It makes sense to a certain extent as today's business world is completely fueled by data. For sales organizations, poor data accuracy can have a powerful negative impact.

Atomatik’s powerful automation capabilities make it a comprehensive solution for improving data accuracy substantially and raising performance levels in sales organizations.

Data accuracy in sales with Atomatik

In this article we will expand on some of the major issues surrounding data accuracy in sales, going all the way to the roots of the problems and analyzing how Atomatik can provide the reliable support required to maintain a healthy database.

How sales teams use data

Sales operations are inherently complex, encompassing more than just converting potential customers. Sales departments heavily rely on information to drive their activities, which dates back to the era of paper leads and the advent of spreadsheets. Data fuels essential sales functions such as lead generation, customer segmentation, forecasting, performance analysis, competitor assessment, customer engagement, retention, compliance, and more. At every stage of the sales process, data empowers sales teams to make data-driven decisions that lead to growth and increased revenue.

However, the sheer volume of data points involved often makes achieving and sustaining accuracy a challenging endeavor. Low-quality data can result in a myriad of negative consequences, from short-term setbacks to long-term damage to a company's reputation with its customers.

What usually goes wrong with sales data

While the specific causes of poor data quality may vary from one organization to another due to unique processes and operations, there are recurring issues. We will explore each of these challenges and demonstrate how Atomatik offers tailored solutions to enhance the quality and accuracy of sales data.

Inconsistent Resources

Inconsistent data sources are a prevalent cause of data quality issues in sales. Sales professionals frequently rely on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, spreadsheets, and diverse databases, often containing redundant, conflicting, or duplicated information. Atomatik seamlessly integrates with these resources and more, allowing digital workers to standardize and unify data from different sources and formats, reducing inconsistencies.

Duplicate Records

Duplicate records are a common headache that can lead to confusion and inaccuracies in reporting and analysis. Atomatik digital workers can be trained to automatically merge duplicate records into single entries, eliminating redundancies and ensuring data accuracy.

Manual data entry errors

Human error during manual data entry is one of the most significant causes of data inaccuracies. Typos, incorrect data input, and oversight can lead to inaccurate records with negative consequences. Atomatik can automate data entry tasks, reducing the reliance on manual input and freeing sales professionals from a menial, time-consuming activity. Digital workers can extract data from documents, emails, and websites accurately, with no typos, and verify the data against pre-defined validation rules.

Data accuracy in sales with Atomatik

Data Decay

Over time, contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers may become outdated or non-functional. Regularly updating and cleaning contact information is crucial. Atomatik digital workers can periodically validate and update contact information by checking for changes in email addresses, phone numbers, and other details. They can also automate communication with customers to verify and update their contact information.

Changes in Sales Operations

Frequent changes in sales processes, product offerings, or pricing schemes can lead to outdated data that no longer reflects the current state of affairs. Atomatik's ease of use and versatility enable automated processes and workflows to be easily updated, ensuring sales data remains accurate.

Non-Standardized Data Entry

Inconsistent data entry practices, such as using abbreviations, alternative spellings, or non-standard formats, can lead to confusion and errors. Atomatik enforces standardized data entry practices by automatically formatting and validating data as it's entered, ensuring data consistency across the organization.

Data Migration Issues

Data migration, whether to a new CRM or other systems, carries the risk of data mapping and transformation errors, which can compromise data quality. Atomatik automates data migration processes, ensuring accurate data mapping and transformation. Its industry-agnostic nature allows it to bridge gaps between standard systems and custom-built ones, with digital workers validating data integrity during migration.

Lack of Data Governance

Organizations lacking clear data governance policies and procedures are more susceptible to data inaccuracies. Atomatik can enforce data governance by automating data quality checks and compliance measures, ensuring that only approved data enters the system.

To Sum up

A high-performing sales team thrives on high-quality, accurate data to drive growth. However, navigating the complexities of data inaccuracies, duplicates, and inconsistencies can be challenging. Establishing robust internal data policies and a data-centric culture is essential. Atomatik simplifies working with data by eliminating the complexities of manual data deduplication and maintenance, empowering sales professionals to harness the full potential of available data, and positioning them for growth.

If you want to learn more about Atomatik’s capabilities in data accuracy and maintenance, book a call with our sales team today.


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