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Atomatik Supports Romanian Companies in the transition to RO e-Factura

In 2024, Romania is set to take a significant step in digitizing its fiscal environment. Starting from January 1, 2024, all entities with commercial offices in Romania engaged in B2G (Business to Government) and B2B (business to business) transactions, as well as non-resident entities registered for VAT purposes, are required to issue all invoices in electronic format.

Accountant using Atomatik for uploading invoices to RO e-Factura

These invoices must be centralized in the national RO e-Factura system provided by the Ministry of Finance. Atomatik is supporting Romanian businesses by automating the entire process of issuing, uploading, and downloading invoices to and from the RO e-Factura system.

Atomatik's Solution for RO e-Factura

Atomatik provides a comprehensive solution that automates both the invoicing process and the uploading of invoices into the national RO e-Factura system, as well as the downloading of invoices issued by suppliers. The platform is fully adaptable to the requirements and systems used in each accounting department, making it ideal for automating numerous standardized tasks in accounting and finance departments. It is user-friendly, requiring no advanced technical knowledge or the involvement of IT specialists.


"We offer Romanian companies a simplified experience in transitioning to RO e-Invoice and all future interactions with the platform through automation. With over ten years of experience in automation within the global financial sector, we aim to contribute to the digitization of the national fiscal system." - Cristina Pene, COO Atomatik

Automation of Invoice Issuance and Uploading

Given the mandatory issuance of all invoices in digital format and their uploading to the national RO e-Facturasystem, the workload for employees in accounting departments is expected to be substantial. Atomatik proposes optimizing and automating this process, following a model that can be entirely customized based on your company's needs.

Invoice upload model - Atomatik RO e-Factura

A possible model for automating the process of issuing and uploading digital invoices to the RO e-Facturaplatform is as follows:

- Automatic login to the company's ERP system

- Automatic application of filters to identify invoices to be uploaded to the ANAF platform

- Export of invoices in XML format

- Automatic uploading of invoices to the platform through the ANAF-provided API

- Automatic monitoring of uploaded invoices, including exceptions that require employee verification

Automation of Downloading Invoices Issued by Suppliers

Similar to the previous process, maintaining up-to-date accounts of invoices issued by the company's suppliers will now be done through the platform provided by the Ministry of Finance. This process will often involve downloading invoices issued by suppliers from the RO e-Factura platform in XML format via the ANAF-provided API.

Download invoices RO e-Factura

Many companies prefer the PDF format for its readability and versatility compared to the XML format. A fully automated process could look like this:

- An Atomatik digital worker will automatically download invoices issued by suppliers from the RO e-Facturaplatform in native XML format via the ANAF-provided API.

- It will automatically convert them to PDF format.

- It will automatically import the invoices into an Excel file and categorize them based on predefined factors such as departments, cost centers, etc.

- Exception invoices (those without defined rules, without a registered supplier in the system, etc.) will be separated for evaluation by an employee.

- Based on rules and categorizations, the digital worker can import invoices into the accounting system concurrently with the execution of other specific actions as needed (e.g., creating a new supplier if one does not exist, notifying a human operator, etc.).

These examples are general, and Atomatik offers the possibility of personalized automation based on the processes and needs of each business.

Benefits of Using Atomatik
  • Substantial savings in time and resources allocated to invoice processing

  • Reduction or elimination of the risk of human error

  • Unlocking valuable human resources for financial tasks with a higher level of complexity

  • Long-term process security in dealings with authorities

Atomatik's efficiency in financial operations is demonstrated by the success of our clients in the local market. Our mission is to help Romanian companies make better use of their human resources and prepare their businesses for a digital future through automation.

For details about automating operations with the RO e-Factura platform, book a call with our sales team.


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