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Atomatik 3.6: A step forward on the connectivity journey

We are happy to announce our latest release of Atomatik 3.6, a version that introduces several exciting features designed to simplify and streamline your connectivity and automation experience. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at these enhancements, emphasizing the benefits they bring to users and businesses alike.

Atomatik 3.6 — What's New?

Enhanced Connectivity with New Applications

With the ability to integrate with the Romanian e-Factura platform, our product now has the capacity to fully automate processing of payables and receivables shared through ANAF SPV platform and help Romanian companies comply with the new regulations. Now, you can effortlessly download and upload your invoices from and to the e-Factura platform automatically. Say goodbye to repetitive, manual tasks and welcome straightforward connectivity, significant time savings, and error reduction.

Expanded Web Automation Capabilities

With Atomatik 3.6 you have more flexibility to execute automations on applications that run on Edge browser. This new capability allows users and companies to take a step forward towards a truly connected business ecosystem.

Upgraded Workflows

Our latest update introduces additional predefined tasks, making it simpler to work with PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and Gmail. Now, you can seamlessly integrate images in presentations, convert charts to images and tables to HTML in Excel, and save emails as drafts for later review. These features help users save even more time spent on performing these tasks manually.

Strengthening Document Protection

Building upon the game-changing feature introduced by Atomatik 3.5, this new version adds new capabilities to help users protect their PDF files. Moreover, you can now automate workflows that use protected PDF files. These functionalities make the automation process much simpler, more secure, and more reliable.

Enhanced Security

Our new Atomatik 3.6 introduces 2-factor authentication capabilities for the platform. Users can opt for 2FA integration when connecting to Studio and Control Room. This ensures better protection for both company and user accounts and data stored and utilized by the Atomatik platform.

To sum up, Atomatik 3.6 introduces a multitude of features and enhancements to ensure better connectivity and streamline your automation journey. These features reduce manual work and improve efficiency, making automation and connectivity accessible to everyone. Contact our team today to learn more about the latest advancements in process automation and explore the benefits of Atomatik.


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