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Pro TV optimizes copyright contract generation with Atomatik digital workers

Executive Summary


Pro TV broadcasts a wide variety of entertainment programs that regularly feature guests, with copyright contracts required to be drafted for each of them. Previously the contracts were drafted manually, which was both time-consuming and error-prone. Pro TV wanted to digitalize the process using Atomatik digital workers to regain valuable time resources and reduce costs.


Client Description


In over 24 years since its first broadcast, Pro TV has become the leading television network in Romania. Part of Central European Media Enterprises Ltd., the network offers its audience a diversity of high-quality content, ranging from news to popular entertainment shows, movies, and original series.

The Challenge

Battling with time & accuracy

Pro TV hosts a wide range of entertainment shows, many of which feature celebrity guests, extras, and private people regularly. For each person invited to a show, a copyright contract must be created, binding the two parties, and containing personal information, agreed fees, and payment methods. Generating this high volume of contracts frequently is a high-risk process, as it must comply with local tax legislation, and internal company regulations and provide a smooth experience for the guests.

Several teams checked the contracts manually for amounts payable against multiple data sources, such as paper-based contracts and databases. The high complexity of the parameters dictating how gross-to-net and net-to-gross amounts were calculated left room for human error.

Pro TV wanted to transform copyright contract generation completely through digitalization and standardization.

The Solution

Leveraging digital workers for a new process

Pro TV partnered with Atomatik to develop a cross-functional solution using software digital workers that would simplify the work of the department process owners.

The Atomatik team analyzed the customer’s processes and proposed the necessary changes that would enable a hybrid workforce to meet the current needs involved in creating the contracts. Several digital workers were deployed, fully integrating them into the customer’s existing infrastructure, without the need to add any new tools.

The digital workers were scheduled by the Pro TV team to check information across multiple databases and provide payment schedules, based on fees calculated with multiple parameters formulas.

They were also tasked with keeping audit trails and historic data for reporting purposes, using defined archiving rules.

The next step in the process involves inputting data into the HR system, allowing the team members to move the data through the cost posting and tax submission processing. The Atomatik digital workers were then assigned to create new records in the CRM system and check the validity of certain project codes, based on a continuously updated list of projects.

Finally, the digital workers took charge of generating the reports for payments processing, tax submission, and cost posting processing.

The Results

Achieving error-free contract delivery 8 times faster

Pro TV has successfully freed up considerable time and resources, following the introduction of Atomatik digital workers in its workflows. The process is now fully digitalized and standardized, enabling teams from the Production, Digital Marketing, Finance, and HR Departments to allocate more time to more complex issues that require their input.


Workflows that previously required 40 minute to be completed are now being resolved in less than 5 minutes by Atomatik digital workers. This has enabled Pro TV to save 180 manual working hours, at an average of 311 contracts per month. The 3% error rate was reduced to 0%, eliminating the need for employees to spend extra time tracking and fixing errors.

For the guests invited to the channel, the new copyright contract procedure has been transformed into a much quicker and easier experience that minimizes the time required for formalities.

If you want to learn about how Atomatik digital workers can help your business, book a meeting with our sales team today.

Download the Pro TV customer story

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