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A-SAFE streamlines finance reporting with Atomatik
no-code solution

Executive Summary


A-SAFE, a global leader in industrial safety barriers with over 40 years of experience, embarked on a transformative journey with Atomatik to automate critical business processes, aligning them with the demands of their rapidly expanding industry. This collaboration began with streamlining finance reporting, resulting in heightened efficiency and time savings for A-SAFE.


Client Description

A-SAFE’s ascent from a family-run manufacturing business to a global player is marked by over four decades of innovative manufacturing. Their commitment to research and technology has solidified their position as an industry leader, with a focus on state-of-the-art tools and processes ensuring the utmost
quality and performance in their products.

Automating our back-office Finance processes is of paramount importance towards
making our organization more efficient and productive. With Atomatik we found a very
responsive and knowledgeable team and a great solution that helped A-SAFE save time.
Reporting used to take our finance team two days, now they don’t have to spend time on this as it’s fully automated and executed by Atomatik robots outside the working schedule. We believe that Atomatik is a trusted partner for automation, and we are confident that their solution will unlock even more potential for our back-office operations

Bradley Stott, Senior Business Analyst

The Challenge

Slow finance processes

A-SAFE’s operational scale has surged tenfold in recent years, driven by a forward-thinking approach to technology in manufacturing.


While the manufacturing process consistently upheld peak performance, the back-end business operations faced challenges. Manual processes, numerous spreadsheets from various sources, and layered data were impeding efficiency, particularly in the Finance department. 

The Solution

Leveraging digital workers for a new process

A-SAFE’s digital transformation team collaborated with Atomatik to embark on a transformative journey. Focusing on the monthly finance reporting process, the teams worked closely to understand the existing workflow and optimize it for a seamless digital transition.


Our team deployed two digital workers and began a rigorous testing phase. The process included the collection and aggregation of financial data coming from multiple branches, rules-based processing and further reporting of results.


The entire reporting process was fully automated in just 20 workdays, leveraging Atomatik’s no-code capabilities for a swift learning curve.

The Results

Achieving error-free reporting 8 times faster

The automation of monthly finance reporting marked the initial success in A-SAFE’s digital transformation. What once required two full workdays is now a streamlined six-hour automated process, eliminating errors and conducted by robots outside regular working hours.


This newfound efficiency has liberated substantial time for A-SAFE’s finance experts, enabling them to dedicate efforts to more complex tasks in line with the company’s continued growth.


Atomatik’s integration has expanded into other key areas, autonomously automating various processes and workflows, replicating the cutting-edge performance experienced on the manufacturing floor into the company’s offices.

If you want to learn about how Atomatik digital workers can help your business, book a meeting with our sales team today.

Download the A-SAFE customer story

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