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How Atomatik can empower HR Teams

Human resources have always been a critical function in any company. Now more than ever, due to an ever-changing work environment, competition for top talent puts a strain on HR teams.

In this digital age, the future of human resources is becoming an even more essential component of business success. To stay ahead of the curve, HR must undergo a digital transformation. This means to human resources as a function, deploying digital platforms for employee engagement, introducing personalized training and skilling programs, and using automation and analytics for insights and efficiency.

Our research shows HR teams are finding themselves challenged to improve the employee experience while achieving operational efficiencies across all HR business processes. This is where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a valuable business tool — which, according to analysts and industry leaders, you may already be using. Whether you’ve implemented a small-scale deployment in a single department, a larger cross-organizational deployment, or are still in the planning phase, it’s important to understand that RPA can mimic human actions. Doing this it can enable quick ROI, significant operational efficiencies, and massive savings in resourcing.

How can Atomatik’s platform help you become more effective?

The Atomatik enterprise platform combines people, systems, and automated processes on a unified platform to help your HR team address persistent challenges.

Our holistic solution can help HR divisions improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations to operate faster and cost-efficiently. Atomatik’s enterprise business process automation platform can support organizations in getting ready for automation in their HR function.

Our process automation platform lets HR professionals automate critical, manual, repetitive, mundane tasks that are prone to errors. Valuable documents can go missing, forms may be left incomplete, and deliverables are left unfinished, but these can be a thing of the past. Automating your HR processes leads to:

  • Increased productivity

  • Higher employee engagement

  • Improve communication and collaboration

  • Reduced operating costs

  • Streamlined and consistent workflows

There is no need to take our word for it, we have numbers to back it up. Studies indicate automation can decrease administrative costsby 30% for HR professionals and 49% for employers.

How does Atomatik do it?

Atomatik’s software uses “digital workers” that interact with the IT applications used daily by the HR professional, in the same manner they do. Multiple digital workers can be seen as a digital workforce, a back-office processing center but without human resources. There are financial benefits owing to the lower cost of a digital workforce compared to a typical salary, and firms are also seeing non-financial benefits including improved accuracy, timeliness, and operational flexibility.

What HR tasks can you automate?

The following use cases demonstrate how different elements of intelligent automation are being widely used by companies and organizations to elevate their back and front-office functions. This empowers them to boost efficiency, increase productivity and free their staff for value-added tasks.

HR teams can achieve significant operational efficiencies and enhanced employee experience through automation.

RPA is helping to drive digital transformation in HR. This is the process of using digital technologies to improve HR processes. RPA in HR digital transformation can help to streamline everyday tasks such as performance management, employee training, and development, payroll, benefits management, change management, and contract workforce management.

Digital transformation can also help to improve employee engagement by providing employees with self-service portals where they can access their records and update their information. This helps to empower employees and makes it easier for them to stay up to date on all aspects of their job.

More than 50% of standard HR processes can be automated as per Deloitte. When the survey was done with Shared service leaders, about 74% of them were planning to investigate RPA.

  • Employee Onboarding:  HR teams can assimilate new employees into the organization faster and better with RPA. You can automate most of the onboarding tasks including receiving information and paperwork from new hires, setting up access to systems, and notifying concerned.

  • Employee Offboarding: Just like Onboarding, all the tasks to offboard an employee such as removing access to systems, notifying people concerned, and creating standard paperwork can be automated.

  • Employee data management: RPA can be used to perform many of the Employee data administration tasks. This includes adding and updating data on current and past employees, contractors, interns, etc.

  • Recruitment Management: RPA can be used for most repetitive recruitment tasks such as scouring websites for candidates and screening the resumes received. RPA systems can work 24/7 to source, screen, and organize the right candidates for you.

  • Compensation Management: RPA can be used to input compensation data for employees into the Talent Management System.

  • Time record validation: Following up on missing timesheets, validate time booked, and notify any discrepancies.

  • Earnings and Deductions: Initiate batch creation and imports into the payroll system and complete the standard validations.

  • Payroll payments: With RPA, the digital worker automatically extracts data from an input source such as an MS Excel file or an email and enters the payroll payment data into the banking application.

  • Automating process hand-offs: Typical approaches to handing work between functions and people can be inefficient, time-consuming, and error-prone. RPA can link both automated and manual HR tasks into an end-to-end workflow

  • Learning and development administration: Review employee certification status against requirements. Notify employee-manager and ensure compliance with certification requirements.

Partnering with Atomatik to help drive your automation initiatives

Business process automation is essential for human resources to stay competitive, attract and retain top talent, and improve efficiency and productivity. Atomatik’s automation platform for human resources management can help to solve this problem by automating many of the tasks that are traditionally done manually. This includes payroll, benefits, contract workforce, and change management.

Working with the right partner is key when you need resources and tools to help drive digital transformation for every part of your business. Atomatik has the expertise and experience to help companies navigate their automation goals. Our team’s extensive capabilities enable us to implement our proven technology and processes so you can quickly transform how you will operate the future way of working.

If you want to learn more about how Atomatik can empower your HR organization, book a call with our sales team.


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